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Sweet Hair The First Homecare
Sweet Hair The First Homecare
Linha The First Homecare

The First Maintenance Line that stimulates the
smoothing progressively without the use of a heat source.




Sweet Hair brings you a line that contains
the most technologically advanced in hair cosmetics

Discover all the benefits that the Line
The First Maintenance offers you

Maintenance Shampoo

Sulfate free – Nutritive – Protects against heat aggression
Anti-humidity system

Gently cleanses your hair with its Sulfate Free Formula. Without damaging, it generates results of soft, hydrated, light and disciplined hair. All this with movements and naturalness to the hair strands.

Hair Conditioner

Anti Frizz – Anti-moisture system – Prolongs straightening
Nutritive – Emollient

For daily treatment, The First repair conditioner helps to treat heat-straightened hair, favoring the strengthening and mass replacement from the inside out, fixing the cracks of the cuticle and hair cortex.

Maintenance Mask

Prolongs straightening effects – Anti Frizz – Anti-moisture system – Lightness
Easy to Dry – Mirrored Brightness – Softness – Mass Replenishment

Repair mask for all hair processed by thermal straighteners. It aids in strengthening and replenishing mass from the inside out, correcting the fissures of the hair cuticle and cortex.

Instant Repair

Moisturizing – Mirroring – Anti Frizz – Repair in 5 minutes
Anti-humidity system

Immediate effect, repair of the external part of the hair and increase the durability of hydration.

Gloss Repair

Repair – Intense shine – Thermal protection – Anti-moisture system

Protective fluid that assists in the protection and repair of the double ends, valuing the beauty of the hair.

Thermal Moisturizing Fluid

D-Panthenol – Amino Acids – Anti Frizz – Anti-moisture system
Thermal protector – Light weight – Easy to dry – Mirror shine – Softness

Thermoactivated protector that repairs the deficiencies of the strands, giving it a healthy and natural appearance, seals the cuticles and disciplines the hair helping to maintain the durability of the straightening.

Leave In Finisher

Amino Acids – Thermal Protector – Sunscreen
Anti Frizz – Anti-Moisture System

Sun and thermal shield that protects and fixes the hair cuticle, creating a protective layer that softens and strengthens the hair.

Brightness Spray

Shine – Hair styling – Double tip repair
Lightweight and soft – Anti-humidity system

Finishing perfume for all hair types, it helps in repairing double ends, seals cuticles and generates intense shine.

Fixing Spray

Dry jet – Moisturizing polymers – Maximum fixation – Anti-humidity system

Spray de máxima fixação a seco, que promove finalizações de penteado e melhora a performance durante a modelagem.

Modo de usar: Aplique sobre os cabelos secos, a uma distância de 30 cm, e finalize como desejar.

Fixing Spray

Dry jet – Moisturizing polymers – Maximum fixation – Anti-humidity system

Maximum dry fixation spray, which promotes styling finishes and improves performance during modeling.


Mass recovery Repairs split ends
Sunscreen Anti humidity system
Repairing Easy Dry
Softness Nutrition
Shine Lightness
Anti Frizz Emollient
Amino Acids Hydration
Thermal Protection Mirror Shine
Perfume for the hair Straightening lasts longer