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Perfect Straightening

For all kinds of hair

All this in a single product

Sweet Straightening is composed of a innovative hair strand thermal straightening system, without any substances that can harm the client or the professionals. Sweet Straightening is known all over the world for its effectiveness in its performance that treats while it straightens the hair.

Loved by all beauty salons in the world

Understanding how the 3 steps work

The first line to transform curly hair into straight hair through a combination of acids and proteins. Ensures safety in its application and has compatibility with all existing chemicals.

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Sweet Straightening is composed of a exclusive blend of ingredients that assures thermal straightening of the hair strands and flexibility in the kit`s procedures. After the anamnesis, the hairdresser can determine the most adequate application method.


There are 3 types of applications



Volume reduction


Straightening and Shielding



Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is completely free of ammonia, hydroxide or formaldehyde. We have tests reports proving that the Sweet Straightening does not contain or release such products during application.
We recommend that the coloration / toning process should be done right after ironing the hair and before the application of the Touch of Silk, during the Sweet Straightening or after two washes to improve the color fixation in the hair structure.
The Sweet Straightening is safe and anti allergic, therefore, it does not irritate the eyes or the scalp.
The Sweet Straightening remains in the hair strands from 3 to 5 months, but this time can be prolonged by using the maintenance line properly.
To obtain a more straight effect on resistant hair we recommend to perform two applications of the Sweet Straightening with a 7 days interlude, avoiding the use of hair relaxers, however the relaxer can be used on the same day, before the Sweet Straightening.
The Sweet Straightening is compatible with all chemicals, however, in cases like, henne/henna it is necessary a diagnosis to determine how sensitive is the hair.
For a healthy and resistant hair, the ideal temperature is 230oC. As for a damaged hair, the ideal temperature is from 180°C to 200°C.