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Crystallized micropigments

They’re smaller and more pure pigments. The crystallization is a procedure that makes even more effective the cover up of the gray hairs and the three-dimensional colour.

Coloração Sweet Hair Royal Colour

Technology on the structure of the threads

The Microgem OIL technology interacts on the structure of the thread through the dihydro-lipid, providing three-dimensional uniformization of the colour, minimization of the porosity and strengthening of the cortex. It allows a better penetration of the micropigments, ensuring long-term results.

See how to works

Microgem Oil
Microgem Oil

Faithful colours

Royal Colour allows the creation of faithful colours. It’s matrix corresponds to the neutralization of the bleaching fund according to the tone pitch, avoiding unwanted reflections.

  • Formula with reduced amonia concentration

  • Delicate fragrance

  • Maximun comfort for the scalp

  • Gray coverage up to 100%

  • Sun block

  • 4 whitening levels

Proporção de uso da Royal Colour Sweet Hair

Waiting time:
35 minutes

Live the three-dimensional of colour experience

High performance coloring is the final decision

Every hairdresser needs a coloring that delivers the final result that the client is waiting for. Try Royal Colour and that’ll be your final decision.