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BiotechnologyMolecular Renovation Shampoo and
Capillary Diffusion Hair Cream

The reconstruction treatment is able to map the capillary structure and fill the fiber with the acord of your need, giving back the strenght, nutrition and mass gain, to keep your hair healthier for more time.

Biotechnology treatment

Before and After


Renovation Molecular Shampoo

Highly molsturizing with an encourage renovation cellular properity, helping map the fiber, ensuring the fortfication and oiliness control.


Hair Cream capilary diffusion

Diffusion capillary treatment, able to realize a map above the fiber, promoting an inside and outside restructuring.

In the composition we have intelligents bio actives all compound of 70 tipes of keratin and 5 tipes of collagens, favoring the mass gain.


Chonobiology is the science that study the circadian rhythm, the first fase of the day and night.

Thinking of that we developed a fusion of what is most technological in the cosmetics market, the cronology line, with the nanotechnology and biotechnology priciple.

This fusion is capable of realize an estructure map to deposit only the required proteins.

Staring with this technology we created for body and hair, multifunctionals products, promoting balance, nutrition and molsturizing.