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powder Bleaching

Dust free Technology

Sweet Hair whitening powder, with dust free technology, which prevents dispersion of dust during handling, has an effective anti-yellow molecules and promotes 7 bleaching levels and different ratios of mixtures for the hair. Its formula has mild fragrance, low amount of ammonia and substances that strengthen the hair.

Pó Descolorante Sweet Hair
  • Sweet Hair’s whitening line

  • 7 whitening levels.

  • Low amount of amonia

  • Anti-yellow molecules

  • Flexible for all techniques

  • Super fast

  • Hydrolyzed collagen and silicone in the formulation

  • Ox stabilized formula and balanced charges

  • Consistent cream that does not cause expansion

  • Waiting time: 55 minutes


1- In a non-metal recipient, blend 1 measurement of whitening powder for 2 measurement of Ox of 10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes according to the desired result.

2 – Time of action is 55 minutes

3 – After the break, rinse the hair and continue the process of coloring or toning the treads.


OX10-20-30-40 volumes

High performance oxidant stabilized and neutralized, used in the preparation of colorings and discolorations . It has a delicate scent and ensures a perfect and even result.

Active ingredient:Hydrogen peroxide.

Ph: 3 a 4,5.

Benefits: It allows to achieve the best results in discoloration and staining techniques.

How to use: blend in colorations, color wash or bleaching powder in the amount indicated on the product until smooth and creamy consistency.

Package: 900 ml.

Amount per application and income: it varies according to the chosen technique.